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Frederic Lemieux

Prof. Frederic Lemieux

Senior Fellow, Intelligence, Cyber-Security, Technology.

Dr. Lemieux currently serves as Professor and Faculty director at Georgetown University since 2016. Prior to that, he was Professor The George Washington University and University of Montreal.

Dr. Lemieux fields of expertise are Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Homeland Security, and International Police Cooperation. Dr. Lemieux earned a Ph.D. in Criminology from the University of Montreal in 2001. 


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Scientific & Research Publications.

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Defence & Military
Prof. Frederic Lemieux

Strengthening Ukraine’s Defense: A Policy Proposal for Recruiting Foreign Fighters

The proposed policy for recruiting foreign fighters in exchange for a path to Ukrainian citizenship is directly aligned with the global struggle between democratic and autocratic regimes. By actively supporting Ukraine in this manner, democratic countries are taking a stand against autocratic aggression, demonstrating their commitment to democratic values and the sovereignty of nations.

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Defence & Military
Prof. Frederic Lemieux

China and Taiwan on a Collision Course

This paper examines the possibility for China to force reunification with Taiwan. More specifically, will China have the motivation, the capability, and the opportunity to bring Taiwan into the fold under Xi Jinping?

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Defence & Military
Prof. Frederic Lemieux

Ukraine War – An Alternative Analysis

The war between Russia and Ukraine is raging since February 24th 2022. Since then, we have witnessed destruction of cities, killing of civilians, and an effective military resistance from Ukrainian forces in urban areas.

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