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Equal Opportunities & Gender Equality

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Equal Opportunities & Gender Equality.

Welcome to the Strategy International (SI) Ltd equal opportunities & gender equality.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd, a Limited Company registered in Cyprus under Company Registered Number: HE 4234632 under Registry of the Republic of Cyprus, whose registered office is at Address: 24 Minoos str, 2042, Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus.

We provide services to you subject to the following conditions. Please read the equal opportunities policy.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd provides an equal opportunities employment. We support gender equality, tolerance and religious co-existence.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd, has the right to recruit train and conduct trainings, consulting and promote its employees and executives.

We do not accept nor promote any discrimination in the work place and in the services we provide.

We are an equal opportunities and gender equality employer.

At Strategy International (SI) Ltd, we ensure employees hold operational freedoms as per EU and National Laws. We do not allow discrimination or harassment. At Strategy International (SI) Ltd, we promote true cultural, cross-religious and equal gender collaboration and diversity. As we build our company and growth we are constantly open to all positive participations and cooperations.

All staff should be aware of equal opportunities and should not be discriminatory at any moment or third parties.

We do not allow to discriminate directly or indirectly verbally or in written, based on the following characteristics: sex, age, gender reassignment and sexual orientation, maternity or pregnancy, paternity, colour, race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, marital or civil partner status; disability or any other status not mentioned as above, that may harm in any way personality or personalities or to be harmed physically. Any related action and evidence is considered punishable.

We strive for a futuristic, collaborative, participatory, well-oriented and positive environment that is respectful at all levels, supportive, innovative and practical.



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