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Strategy International (SI) Ltd is a consulting firm and a think tank.

It innovates by ensuring accurate global affairs assessments and advice to its stakeholders. It is a company that combines experiential knowledge, policy crafting abilities, public affairs insight, scientific research, and strategic management capabilities.

Our people

We delve into topics and issues of concern through our international personnel and experiential knowledge. We uphold professional standards and value all our clients and members.

Innovation in Practice

We tailor your consultation. We innovate by strategizing with you and providing you with scientific research, projection planning, and risk assessment.

Leading the future

Our leadership is strong and leads to the future of collaboration. Guided by principles and values to support our people, members, and clients at all steps.

Value & Integrity

Our values and mission go hand in hand. We are driven by integrity and capabilities. By professionalism and we build on a global network and relationships.

Recent Releases

Browse through all our latest releases, including our latest news, events, publications, web series and more.

Recent News

Stay informed about the latest events, activities, and press releases that are happening at Strategy International. Whether it’s current developments in the industry or news about our own operations, we strive to provide a reliable source of information about our company.

Webinar Invitation

Webinar #9: A thin red line in the Eastern Mediterranean: From Israel and Iran to beyond

The Hamas attack against Israel ignited a period of instability in the Eastern Mediterranean that is still ongoing.

With Iran electing a new President, while deeply meddling in the region’s affairs and with Israeli internal politics in disarray after months of war in Gaza and skirmishes with Hezbollah in Lebanon, a thin red line has been drawn. The webinar will examine the current political situation and discuss current and future policies in the region.

📅 16 July 2024 / 16:00 GMT+3 (CY TIME)

📷 Webinars are recorded
📝 A certificate of attendance will be provided upon request and subject to full attendance of the webinar

Registration until the 14th of July 2024 23:59PM. Zoom links will be provided prior to the webinar.

Adapting into the practical realities of a changing world is a necessity.

We see change as an opportunity. Where we provide efficient solutions in the way we conduct negotiations and business together.

We are here to interpret the various dimensions for our clients we call stakeholders. In a globalized network, we organize, write, train, network and enhance and transpire knowledge options.

Strategy International Services.

We bring scientific and research knowledge, innovation, efficiency and analysis. We bring capacity and methodologies to create, adopt and adapt policy when applied.

Public Policy Crafting

Our professional focus is centred on policy crafting (both public and private), while offering a great range of public policy options and establishing relations.

Publications & Risk Assessments

Our team advises and consults on practical market and all levels of international affairs issues. We produce and offer the opportunity to publish expert publications in various formats.

Campaign & Strategic Management

With our practical experience in campaign management, we strategize and operate with you. We create, sustain and/or tailor and adapt your public image.

Training & Linguistic Services

Of prime importance is constant, accurate qualitative and quantitative training. By training executive, mid-career and young leaders on how to lead.

Audio/Visual Market Reports

At Strategy International we create professional audiovisual market reports of value that level the importance of topics, raising awareness, knowledge and options.

Networking Negotiations & Events

Strategy International is renowned for its network and its abilities to bring sides together. We provide all that wish, the opportunity to join our executive membership.  

More services.

At Strategy International we can tailor your needs and your requests. We hold the capacity to support diverse methods and actions to keep you up to date and to deliver optimal strategic management solutions and advice. Explore our services or contact us for more.

Scientific & Research Publications

Our scientific publications and articles are our doorway to consultation and advice on the ongoing world events taking place based on our objectives and mission.

Click here for all our latest scientific and research publications written by our experts and created for you by Strategy International.

A team of seasoned professionals with a vast understanding in their fields. Don’t just take our word for it…

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experiences!

You can learn more from our frequently asked questions!

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    Our global experts offer significant scientific and professional knowledge and policy options.

    Strategy International conducts constant analyses into the pressing issues and the objectives of our topics. It offers the steps that policy-makers need so as to take accurate decisions while helping them tackle the issue in practice.

    Join our team.

    We are constantly looking for professionals at all levels that have the passion and professional abilities to work with professionals around the globe. Given the nature of the consulting and think tank work, any applicant should note that all methods of finance are driven based on the nature of the project(s) that are created for funding or applications from various sources.

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    At Strategy International we engage in the “dialogue of civilizations”. This is our mission.

    We are a consulting and think tank company that engages all stakeholders together. We are committed to excellence in operations and consultations. We make challenges look like an opportunity. We engage our team to assist you and to be next to you. We are human-centred and we embrace the need to innovate, while working with you through our topics and services of concern.

    Get in touch with us.

    We look forward to discussing with your organization our joint collaboration. Contact us via the details below, or enter your request.

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      Webinars/seminars and trainings.

      Webinars/Seminars and training sessions are an integral part of our public discourse on policy crafting and scientific research.

      Our scientific value is constantly shown in the efficiency and importance to hold public dialogue through our events and continuously provide training sessions on policy, decision-making, leadership and ongoing events.

      Worldwide events.

      Public and closed session events provide the opportunity to decision-makers and leaders to get together, discuss, exchange ideas and provide options and opportunities for the future development in various global affairs.

      Our events (conferences, trainings and summit meeting) aim to bring together the best to conduct an honest dialogue. To find the best optimal solutions that can be applied. Events offer the opportunity to exhibit our work and our deliverables but also to showcase our collaborations

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