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Understanding and shaping the future and policies of the future is an identified policy objective of Strategy International. We orient our clients on a step-by-step process to comprehend and operate within current and future challenges marking them as opportunities. Through analyses and recommendations, we aim to extend and disseminate knowledge.


At Strategy International (SI) Ltd, topics are examined based on empirical knowledge and scientific qualitative and quantitative evidence.

Cultural Diplomacy

Defining the very essence of culture and diplomacy in strategic affairs. Examining, discussing and analyzing past, current and future issues of global and regional concern.


Our digital ecosystem is becoming our extended “verse” system of living. In this new ecosystem, we examine, analyze and define the state of our cyber-world affairs.

Computational Strategies

Technology and computational strategies including VR, AR, AI and blockchain contribute to the growth of a virtual world of strategic economic growth and safety in which we provide capabilities.

Defence & Military

Whilst the world shakes from global challenges to global pandemics, we embark in publications of national, regional and global concern on defense, interoperability of forces and military affairs.

Energy Security

In this great geostrategic reset, we need to commit and affirm to our energy resources through security, supply and demand; to conform with sustainability resources, which we examine.

Health Security & Genetics

In a world of pandemics, we need to secure and re-assure preparedness and constant risk assessments. We need to be resilient and agile towards health policy and genetic research.

Human Security & Gender Equality

Gender equality and human security are topics with the need for a truly balanced, tolerant and co-existing society. We examine and re-assure human progress and respect to each other.

International Market Economics

International Markets tend to change and diverse even more. In an age of digital circular, sustainable and global trade re-negotiated architecture, we envision the current and future state affairs.

International Security & Strategy

Security ensures continuity and growth. In a multilateral yet balanced environment, we seek strategies and security formats for policy and operational application in practice.

Maritime Affairs & Global Logistics

Global logistics are essential components of development. Maritime routes sustain our supply chain. We examine, evaluate, position, explain and propose strategic and security affairs that resolve current and future challenges.

National Security

Resilience to national security satisfies the strategic mission. When security is assured, development and progress are assured. National security challenges and threats are examined.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

Conflicts do require a concrete resolution. Peace needs to be achieved. The methods, policies and contributions towards peace are examined and proposed through our various analysis and aims.

Risk Assessments

Building a cohesive risk platform and output, to accelerate knowledge and decision-making in business continuity affairs including market performance and reliability.

Resources & Environment

Natural resources sustain our way of life and allow our societies to progress. Yet, are today scarce. Through our environmental analysis and proposals we contribute to a green dialogue.

Space, Technology & Innovation

In our 21st century, space exploration and technology innovation, contribute to our future societal growth. We forecast the evolution of our society in outer-space and provide policy options.

Strategic Affairs

Success in achieved with a pure strategic vision. We examine and strategize policies and processes, orienting and contributing to the needs of our global society.

Sustainable Development & IOs

In accordance with the UN millennium goals we scientifically research on methodologies of sustainable growth and development and the role of International Organizations to our market economy.

Threats & Future Challenges

Forecasting threats and assure future challenges to have an answer, relates with our need to develop and invest, while comprehend current and future security processes and innovations to come.


Our experts examine analyze and propose on all issues of regional approach to the subject matters that Strategy International (SI) Ltd is working upon.

Europe & Eurasia

The Americas

MENA Region & Gulf


South Asia

East Asia




Through our various scientific and professional publications, we provide a bundle of evidence-based analyses and outputs that are considered risk assessments. 


Books are scientifically guided, theoretically and practically. Books are published based on consultative, empirical knowledge and reflect longer periods of time.

Consultative Outcomes

Our project consultations come with a final analysis with recommendations. These are confidential and reflect our clients’ discretion.

Events Reports

By the completion of any of our events, seminars, webinars, trainings, conferences, we draft an events report with our policy recommendations.


We intend to create a scientific journal for experts and professionals, to publish their findings based on their professional expertise.


Published yearly based on the scientific and consultative outcomes. Based on experiential or empirical work of the consultant(s)/author(s).


Entailing analyses, which examine operational capabilities, operational capacity, policy outputs and recommendations.

Opinion Editorials

Weekly short opinion articles, on ongoing issues. Providing an overview, an analysis and policy options and forward needs.

Policy Analyses

Monthly publication of a two-policy recommendations document. Policy crafting, based on the operational needs of our clients or stakeholders.

Press Releases

Press releases, providing the necessity and reasoning, expectations and timeframe of events to come with expected outputs.

Roundtable Analysis

With every round-table discussion, we provide recommendations and analyses on ongoing or pending issues and how to tackle them.


Strategy International Experts comment on the ongoing or sudden topics as they emerge. They are related to ongoing events and the timeline of events as they occur.
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