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About us

About Us

Strategy International (SI) Ltd, is a global scientific, research, consulting, and continued education policy organization company. Specialized in policy crafting and decision making, communication, political campaigning, scientific research, training and advising among others. Its offices are based out of Nicosia Cyprus; We would like to consider Strategy International a renowned World Policy and Thinking Business Hub located in the Southeastern Tip of the European Union area and the Mediterranean region.


Its need is evident, considering the global and regional constant changes taking shape that require team SI to perform and assess the ongoing and future situations. It is our duty to seek out solutions for national, regional and global political, economic, technological and defense balances and growth among others, affairs, as they progress while the changing geopolitical landscape is taking place.

Strategy International dedicates its work to policy, through research outcomes that aspires to hold a solid practical and applied output; quantifiable and empirical in nature and practice.

Strategy International and its affiliates, proposes and recommends issues for policy practice, whether this is a G2G or B2G or G2B or B2G.

SI consults, evaluates, assesses processed and defines solutions. These solutions are practical in need and nature. That we aim to positively affect our stakeholders but also our clients.

We are a firm of industry experts: from well renowned experienced personnel to mid-career and young experts. We are moving ahead with constant innovators and innovations facilitating analysis, communication, and efficiency. We are incubating the future of things in global affairs.

Strategy International among others is science and research driven. We are also a continued and enhancing education company.



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Our Values.

  • Worldwide Collaboration, Participation and Coordination.
  • Mediation, Negotiations, Support and Dialogue.
  • Continued education, Training and Research.
  • Professionalism, Efficiency and Adaptiveness.
  • Progress and future affairs considering the changing geostrategic landscape.

Our Mission.

To become one of the global leading think tanks in the world. We are a consulting firm with a global perspective. We aim through science and research to lead in the advising, consulting and campaigning world of the global and local or regional Industries either public or private as advisors/consultants.

We dedicate our work to policy crafting and assessments, with research outcomes and evidence that aspire and give clarity to practical and applied outputs as they develop while changing variables occur; through quantifiable and empirical in nature and practice assessments and management processes. Strategy International and its affiliates, proposes and recommends issues for policy practice, whether this is a G2G or B2G or G2B or B2G.

Our Vision.

To be a global research center for policy crafting. For communication, and campaigning management, for risk assessment and advising. We are a company that efficiently trains, evaluates, assesses, and provides practical solutions to the requests or needs to comprehend the changing geostrategic and geopolitical landscapes that hold an impact in all levels and pillars of government or private industry policies.

We educate, train, inform and recommend practical policy led solutions. We campaign manage where the client requires us to by providing various solutions and advising processes on how to.

Strategy International envisions to also become a mediation and negotiating center. A key stakeholder of future negotiations to take place at its own premises, promising protocol and etiquette methods applied in practice and take the lead in negotiation processes regionally and globally.

How we carry out our Mission:

Strategy International takes pride in its institutional, government and private or public company relations in all matters of experience. Our company conducts scientific, and industry-led research, through applied analysis outcomes. It produces recommendations for practical value.Our research programs and works are directly associated with dissemination of concrete information and solutions deriving from leading analysts and scholars. It is imperative that we conduct meetings and events: Closed and open sessions, training seminars, workshops, key lectures and webinars, conferences, and annual summits in all specialized or related fields.

We can conduct campaigning for various personal and political purposes. We provide the method on how to, and we provide solutions. We provide online and onsite information through our platform. We provide open and closed analyses that envision current and future affairs in our own high-level assessment based on facts and evidences as the landscape continuously evolves. Our research is also geographically applied while also topics and experts are based on specialization, international recognition, professionalism, efficacy and efficiency.

Pointing out:

  • Maintaining a diverse international dialogue of personnel,
  • A healthy, global professional and scientific working environment.
  • Programs to promote policy crafting through experienced analysis and innovation.
  • Creating policy and operational choices for all clients.
  • Convening meetings, with professional experts, government officials, members of parliaments, institutions, organizations, companies and governments and key stake holders.
  • Collaborating and participating with prominent thinkers, specialists and industry experts who come together to discuss and negotiate major issues of concern.
  • Applied analysis research programs, which foster discussions and policy options.
  • Holding constant meetings, roundtables, seminars, conferences and high-level meetings.
  • Campaigning through communication management platforms
  • Conducting networking and knowledge transfer.
  • Becoming an incubator of choices for the future.
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