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Webinars reflect discussions and analyses on ongoing issues. They are created and provided by Strategy International or in collaboration with our think tank. The objective is to get a primary feed of information about global, regional and national subjects of concern. To realize potential solutions. To enable experts from around the globe to project their scientific opinions at large and in specific. Webinars are recorded and will also be projected and uploaded. They run throughout the year. Therefore participants will have the opportunity to engage and listen from a variety of topics as we create them.

Participants can join based on a form of registration. The events are copyrights of Strategy International (SI) ltd. No prior use in part or whole can be used without the written consent of Strategy International (SI) ltd.

Recent Webinars

Discover our recent webinars.

Webinar #8:

China’s Pivot in Central Asia and Regional Challenges

On May 18-19, China is hosting the first-ever China–Central Asia summit. Chaired by Xi Jinping himself, in the wake of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the gathering is expected to be attended by the presidents of all five countries in the region: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Webinar #7:

Exploring the Legal Implications of AI: Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Law

Webinar on legal implications of AI explores challenges and opportunities, provides insights on navigating intersection of technology and law for responsible and ethical deployment.

Webinar #6:

Abrahamic Accords: Two years on and the East Mediterranean Region

This webinar examines the Abrahamic accord two years on. Analyzes the framework of cooperation achieved so far and complements efforts for the future. The discussion will concentrate on the various dynamics that unfold. Speakers bring forward the way that the Abrahamic accord has been considered and implemented and the impact it has among others in the Arab World, South-East Europe and the shaping of strategic alliances.

Webinar #5:

A deep look on cyber-attack trends and incidents, the cloud case.

The expenditure and the awareness regarding information and digital security are increasing. At the same time the successful security breaches are also increasing, signaling the ineffectiveness processes and controls.

In the context of the webinar, we will analyze the reasons of information security ineffectiveness, cloud cases and the obstacles we need to overcome and how we move forward.

Webinar #4:

Politics in South America

This webinar aims to showcase the importance of South America and Latin America. Experts, discuss and analyze current events that are of utmost importance to the region.

Webinar #3:

Energy Security or Insecurity? Where are we standing?

A great deal of projects on energy are announced. These projects reflect the attempt to secure energy as a resource. But where do we stand today? Considering our immediate needs?

Webinar #2:

Asia re-examined. Challenges and opportunities over the new strategic ecosystem

Threats and challenges are shaping the new Asia geostrategic reality. Considering a recent scientific publication from Strategy International we are to examine volatility and opportunities.

Webinar #1:

Geostrategic Analysis in Ukraine

The War in Ukraine is ongoing. The current webinar will examine the current state of affairs in Ukraine and the ongoing war against the illegal invasion of Russia into Ukraine.


Our experts and invitees discuss, examine and forecast issues concerning our global, regional and national political and market ecosystem. Available now on our official YouTube Channel.

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