A. Το Reflect, create, evaluate and promote primary and high level International quality, independent research.
B. Τo create and provide innovative, practical and credible recommendations that advance global cooperation in strategic science.
C. To adapt to 21st century needs through global cooperations, shaping networks and alliances.


1. Strengthen international and global cooperation in strategic and international Affairs.
2. Foster socio-political, economic and strategic sustainable Development and growth and add proposals for governmental, private and social welfare.
3. Secure and promote cooperation in all regional and globally democratic, prosperous and cooperative international systems that allow for true cooperation.
4. Networking with a large variety of political, business, academic and other private institutions, international organizations and cooperative sides in international strategic affairs, public and international affairs, communication.
5. To create leaders for the future that do more in decision-making in so securing the resilience of true cooperation and key-solving issues and promote actions of true validity and sustainable development.

Strategy International is “An institution where Ideas are Born and Where Ideas Become Possible”.

Through reflection and proper action with our team, experts and supporters, we aim to be leaders of creativity, innovation and prosperity. Develop strategic ideas that do matter and are applicable for key-solving and standing issues of national, regional and global affairs.