• Dimitris Kastoris


    Dimitris Kastoris Head of Press, Strategy International

    Dimitris Kastoris has been in the forefront of Strategy International since its birth from 2008. Dimitris is an anchor man and journalist. He is based at the Historical City of Drama, in Greece. He has worked to this day for National, Peripheral and Local Media Centers for all purposes, radio, TV and Internet. As a Journalist and reporter, Dimitris has the ability to anticipate and create innovative solutions for Major national and international press affairs. He has also been Chief Editor of News Broadcasting in a variety of past TV and Radio or Internet Channels he was working and been associated with. At a parallel professional life, he has been the chief Press and Public relations officer for a variety of Members of Parliament and Members of Heads of the Periphery that he resides in, the Eastern Macedonia, Greece.

    Dimitris Speaks Fluently Russian and Engish. He is a Native Greek Speaker.


  • John Karagiannopoulos


    John Karagiannopoulos Head of Administration

    Head of Administration of Strategy International since 2011, John Karagiannopoulos is a graduate of Political Science and History from the University of Sunderland (UK). He also obtained a Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies from the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Leicester (UK). He has developed a great interest in Public and International Affairs and is actively involved in political affairs within the boundaries of his municipality.

    He speaks French and he is fluent in English language.


  • Despina Teppeli


    Despina Teppeli Public Affairs and Development expert and Director of the office of CEO & COO, global

    Despina joined SI in 2010. She holds a masters degree in Social and Global Justice from the University of Nottingham, and a bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Cyprus. Despina has been a key of administration on the preparation of SI’s international conferences as well as creating and maintaining relations with other international organizations, companies and mid-career and senior executives. Her prior professional positions were in international and off-shore companies in the region of southeastern Europe and the Middle East, concentrating mainly on financial, oil/petroleum, aviation and communication fields.

    Despina speaks Greek and English.


  • Alexandros Pantaleon


    Alexandros Pantaleon is a Social Media & Communications expert

    Alexandros is columnist at Dot News Media Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree on Management and Marketing from the University of Lincoln and a degree in Tourism Administration from the Technological Institute of Athens.

    A few years back he has been an entrepreneur but his engagement with Social Media has gave him a chance to grow some of his ideas in a competitive and dynamic growing environment at the world of the internet. He always tries to expand his knowledge and thoughts through social publications by informing people what is happening throughout the world.

    The constant contact with customers at his workplace helped him develop organizational culture and analytical thinking skills that he offers to the service of the company, in order to promote team cooperation and the accomplishment of it’s goals. He works hard, he is persistent, goal oriented, ambitious, collaborative, able to adapt quickly to change and productive.


  • Maria Karali


    Maria Karali is a Communications & Public Affairs expert

    Maria joined Strategy International in 2012, seeking to fulfill a long-time aspiration; work in a vigorous, fast-paced, professional environment where she can fully utilize her research, writing and organizational skills, in a field she is truly passionate about. As a member of S.I’s highly qualified, tight-knit team, she has completed a wide array of projects, as well as served in various positions throughout the years.

    She has read International Relations and Diplomacy in Greece while currently pursuing a graduate degree in International Studies in the Netherlands, focusing on Global Conflict and Security. Research interests include – but are not limited to – strategic studies, counter-terrorism, threats and opportunities in international security, foreign policy analysis, as well as international relations theory and political thought. She endeavors to contribute systematically to field analyses on International Security & Strategy, Peace & Conflict Resolution and International Global Affairs, inter alia, and offer a comprehensive approach to contemporary International Affairs challenges.

    Aiming for mastery and gaining expertise, she has been actively involved in the organization of conferences, panel discussions and seminars to promote international relations topics, conducted research on her chosen field, successfully completed a number of internships and traineeships, participated in model conferences, simulations and debate tournaments to sharpen her negotiation and presentation skills, while serving her community to the best of her ability with substantial engagement in volunteering work.

    Having assumed leadership roles in diverse projects -including student organizations, research teams as well as political involvement on a national level- she believes that commitment, hard work and dedication inspire respect more so than authority could ever command, and what is more, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to teamwork and combined effort. She has encountered and confirmed the latter, especially while working at Strategy International, which proved to be a truly rewarding experience so far, professionally and intellectually-wise.

    She has mastered four foreign languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian – while speaking basic Dutch and Russian; being a foreign language afficionado, she aims to become a true polyglot, travel the world and make a valuable contribution to her chosen professional field.


  • Konstantinos Papadopoulos


    Konstantinos Papadopoulos is a Public Affairs and Policy expert

    Konstantinos Papadopoulos has been a member of Strategy International since August 2010.

    He holds a BSc in International European Political and Economic Studies from the University of Macedonia and a MSc in International Human Resources Management from the University of Strathclyde. His studies prove his interest in the globalization, international relations, human management and cultural dimension. He is experienced in the Recruitment Sector, matching talents with Jobs and the Management of Key Accounts.

    Currently he works as a HR Consultant in a multinational recruitment company in Thessaloniki.

    He speaks English fluently and German in an intermediate level.


  • Dimitrios Anagnostou


    Dimitrios Anagnostou Director on the Program of Young Leaders Strategy International

    A young entrepreneur, a graduate of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of the Department of International Studies of the American College of Thessaloniki and a graduate of the Department of Business Administration with specialization in tourism from the Highest Technological Institute of Thessaloniki. I speak and have obtained certification degrees in the following languages, English (proficiency Cambridge, Michigan, state), French B2, Spanish B2.

    I am a member of the Strategy International Institute since 2010 and I am the Director of Youth, Board Member, recruiter and assistant social media coordinator from the beginning. I have participated and co-organized all the conferences and seminars that the institute has done in Greece and Europe.

    I was and still am an active member of a political party in Greece and I have also served as a candidate for the Second Region of Thessaloniki in the Municipality of Lagada. I have practiced internships in Greek embassies abroad as well as in the annex of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thessaloniki.

    I am also a member of an international humanitarian organization (Rotary International), to which I have been elected for two consecutive years Club President, and I am now serving as Assistant Governor of the region of Northern Greece.


  • Elias Diakos


    Elias Diakos is a Senior IT

    Results-driven and innovative with extensive experience and education in technology.

    Founder of Dot News Media Group in Athens in 2014. An independent media network that delivers captivating content to the world which informs, inspires and entertains through rebalancing the core of media by respecting the diversity and humanity of the world.

    He has been working for Lexitel SA till 2012, a telecommunications company that focuses in the networking and telecom industry, as senior Programmer and Systems Analyst.

    Restless spirit, with hands-on attitude, following both his logic and instinct in order to achieve his goals.

    Demonstrated success in co-operating with international consortiums on innovative European Projects with the ability to bring positive results even under tremendous pressure and tight timeframes.

    Areas of expertise

    • Marshaling limited resources to the most productive uses with the aim of creating maximum value
    • Developing and cascading the organization’s strategy/mission statement to the lower-ranking staff
    • Planning by prioritizing customer, employee, and organizational requirements
    • Maintaining and monitoring staffing, levels, Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA), expectations and motivation to fulfill organizational requirements
    • Driving performance measures for the operation