Sponsoring Opportunities
Strategy International is a Non Partisan, Non-for-Profit Organisation. Initiated in 2008 and created by 2009, Strategy International was nominated as a legal entity, under the national courts’ instance of Thessaloniki. It has been recognised as a non-for profit institute.

Devoted in service of mentoring, education, innovation, in political risk management and analysis assessment. An International Think Tank in service of analysis, consultation, mediation, training and proposals, in political, international and strategic affairs in the European, Atlantic, Strategic and Global framework.

Our work is dedicated to international awareness, public support and education via research and innovation.

Our aims are or can be supported by International organizations, governments, private donors,companies, institutions. We provide a complete framework of analyses based on the needs and we project interests according to the international framework and public sphere of influence. We promote national interests to the point of practical application.

To this day we have managed over a completed 6th year term to reach our mission and to put forward our knowledge and work.With many single or collective events across Greece, Europe and the USA in cooperations, we look to promote our work. We look to thrive in the professional community.

We wish to delegate for the purposes of effective goals and achieve excellency in cooperation, exploration and exchance of research and knowledge. We aim to educate and to positively influence. We aim to contribute to the solution of international issues.

We fully comply with international standards of training, education and delegation. We wish to bringon board’ those that believe that goals can be achieved in Greece through our effective theatre of engagement and future to come operations for education and development.

We aim to open new and qualified Centers of Excellence in research, development, mediation, accreditation and institutionalization as well as public relations and networking

We aim to open our first international mediation and negotiating center: an mid-career educational center, a place to network, present, delegate and exchange knowledge and epxerience.

Our geographical task ranges from across the European continent, the Americas, the Middle East, Central and East Asia the MENA region..

We are committed to our goals, aims and mission. We seek to change mentality through dialogue and understanding.

Sources of finance

For our work to be complete, we always seek the support actions of those that have the capacity to support our actions, training processes, works and programs.

Our finances, come from donations and directly sponsored programs and work through meetings, conferences, productions of books and closed meetings and public events, including the “Thessaloniki Summit”.

Contributions can come from public, private, independent sources, upon the agreement of bipartisan and understandable concrete co-operation.

All our fiscal work is fully complying to national and European Laws. As the entity is based in Greece, it complies to the Hellenic Government national and tax constitutional rules, a member country of the European Union.

For more information please ask for our Brochure on Sponsoring Opportunities or email us for more information and contact.