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Public Policy Crafting

Public Policy Crafting

Public policy is a result of a scientific and public discourse. It involves a good team, good sources and good relations. 

At Strategy International and through our experts, we hold a diverse global experience and knowledge we can work with. We hold the ability to craft policy, tailored for the public and the private sectors based on our expert topics and/or regions.

We examine, analyze, and elaborate on the political, economic, public and legal reasoning and quest. We will project a plan of research and positioning that will result into a policy recommendation analysis (short and long-term one). We will then create a policy mandate and an operational plan of activation and application One that can help you tailor your needs and quests, considering needs of today and tomorrow.

Our public policy crafting can be a “stand alone” process. Our public policy outputs are research and scientifically driven. They are pragmatic and practical. We deliver our output to our client or stakeholder at the levels and styles as requested.

Our public policy recommendations can be followed by networking relations’ campaign strategy. A management process to combine efforts and tailor the needs to not only draft the policy, but also engage in community public discourse and apply it, if successfully applied and recommended.

It is part of our public relations to include media coverage and related press releases where applicable. In such actions, we summarize and/or interview authors and experts on subjects on our company objectives and interest in the level of audio/visual meetings, recordings and podcasts.


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