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SI#21 – Toward A Greener Future

SI#21 - Toward A Greener Future

A podcast series by Strategy International

On this episode we welcome Dr. Panagiota Pimenidou, an expert in Hydrogen Production. We discuss current and potential global trends in hydrogen production as a real catalyst for sustainable development and a greener future.

Dr Panagiota Pimenidou a Chemical Engineer with a PhD in Hydrogen production from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.
Panagiota combines excellent research development, project and resources management skills to solve complex problems and develop innovative research projects for challenging issues. She is an expert in heterogeneous catalysis systems (chemical looping reforming for hydrogen production, catalytic combustion, modelling of refinery operations, photocatalysis and electrocatalysis materials, industrial and transportation emissions’ reduction) and an academic course leader (in the BEng/ MEng in Chemical Engineering). Panagiota has been a tenured assistant professor in two instances: in Hydrogen Safety at the University of Ulster and in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford, both in the UK.

As an analytical individual, she is the founder and hostess of the Global Greek Influence podcast, aiming to interpret and communicate specialist, complex information to a variety of audiences as a tool to prevent scientific and cutting- edge technologies miscommunication through leading Global Greeks experts in their field including politics and geopolitics affecting the implementation of innovation. Working in international and diverse team environments empowers and collaboratively brings out people’s talents independently of experience level. Panagiota group mentors “Women in STEM research” in the respective LeanIn Circle and volunteers to the EURAXESS scheme of “Shape the future of a researcher coming to Europe”. Finally, she promotes a culture of learning and trust by providing autonomy, purpose and mastery to PhD candidates and holders in STEM through mentoring at catalyst-x, where she is the founder and owner.

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