SI Organization Chart

Strategy International Organization Chart

Strategy International operates in a both flat and matrix organizational style as shown below. The executive council which is the leadership of the organization operates in a flat model. Under that, the organization’s departments operates in a matrix environment and they are focus to various projects that are determined by the executive council.



Selini Michailidou, Assistant General.
Efrosyni Lazarou, Assistant General for Cyprus.
Polyxeni Kallini, Assistant for Affairs in Athens, Greece.
Kostas Papadopoulos, Assistant to the Administration.
Maria Karali, Assistant for Thessaloniki Affairs, Greece.


John Karagiannopoulos, Head of Administration
Dimitrios Anagnostou, Head of Youth.
Despina Teppeli, Head of PR Department.
Maria Karali, Administration Officers.

PR Department:

Despina Tepeli

HR Department:

Vasilis M. Yiannaki, Human Resource Manager.
Ioannis Proios, Human Resource Officer.

Social Media:

Antonios Xenidis-Dervos, Social Media Manager.
Idil Birben, Social Media Officer.
Marianthi Karakoulaki, Social Media Officer.

Press Office & TV, Radio, Streaming:

Dimitris Kastoris, Head of Press.
Nikos Galanis, Head of Media.

Development Programs:

Niki Iliadis, International Development Officer

IT Consultants:

Elias Diakos, IT and Network
Nikos Avourdiadis, Network Security
Elias Aravantinos, Social Media.

Legal Department:

Maria Chatzigeorgiou, Legal Officer.


Amalia Kargopoulou, Strategic Paper Series Report.
Zenonas Tziarras, Strategic Paper Review.
Kleanthis Kyriakidis, Strategic Affairs Quarterly .

SI Administration
Executive Counsil

Executive Counsil:


Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos

General Director:

Mr. Taxiarchis Sardellis (Brigadier General RT)

Area Directors:

Prof. Farid Mirbagheri
Mr. Costantine Mortopoulos

Strategic Planning & Development:

Mr. Serafeim Papapostolou (Lt. General LTG – RT),
Mr. Demetrios Tsailas (Commodore RT)

Board of Trustees:

To be announced

Board of Advisors:

Prof. Alan Henrikson,
Prof. Kostas A. Lavdas,
Prof. Shary Cross,
Prof. Elias G. Carayannis,
Prof. Farid Mirbagheri,
Prof. Nikitas Nikitakos,
Prof. Jasminka Simic,
Prof. Valbona Zeneli,
Dr. Igor Okunev,
Dr. Sotiris Serbos,
Dr. Miltiadis Sarigiannidis,
Dimitrios K. Matthaiou (MD) (MBA),
Mr. Elias Aravantinos,
Mr. Kleanthis Kyriakidis (Commander N. GRC),
Mr. Alexandros Alexiadis,
Mr. Demetrios Tsailas(Commander RT),
Ms. Despoina Afentouli.

Regional Directors:

Athens & South-east Europe‏ Director: Mr. Taxiarchis Sardellis (Brigadier General RT)
Thessaloniki & Black Sea countries‏‏ Director: Mr. Costantine Mortopoulos
Cyprus & South East Medi/nean Region‏ Director: Prof. Farid Mirbagheri
Europe and Eurasia Regional Director: To be announced
US & Atlantic‏ Regional Director: To be announced
Africa and West Indies Regional Director: To be announced
Oceania and Far East‏ Regional Director: To be announced