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Demetrios Tsailas

Demetrios Tsailas

Senior Fellow, National Security & Strategic Planning.

Demetrios Tsailas is a Retired Rear Admiral with leadership experience in critical thinking, strategic planning, policy development and implementation, international institutions and personnel management. 

He has written a huge number of articles and analysis. He holds a Master’s Degree in Maritime Strategic Studies from Naval War College. He is a graduate of both the Command and Staff Course in the Naval Officers’ Training Centre.

Research Interests:
• Regional Maritime Security Project
• Piracy, Illegal Migration, and Criminal Activity at Sea
• Foreign and Defence Policy
• Maritime Strategy
• Maritime Security Operations
• Maritime Situational Awareness



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Defence & Military
Demetrios Tsailas

Will the Akuyu nuclear power plant eventually make Turkey a nuclear power?

Turkey plans to build a nuclear plant with the help of Russia. Both states are known for their disregard of international law and the use of illegal force to further their international aims. The history of how Pakistan became a nuclear power may be a sign of things to expect from Turkey which does not hide its Neo-Ottoman aspirations, thus destabilizing the region and maiming the NATO alliance.

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Defence & Military
Demetrios Tsailas

Λόγοι που δεν θα Επιτύχει η Κλιμάκωση και ο Ρόλος της Χρήσης Βίας

Ένας εξαναγκασμός, όταν θέλει να επηρεάσει τον άλλο δρώντα, πρέπει να έχει μια στρατηγική για κλιμάκωση σε περίπτωση αποτυχίας των αρχικών προσπαθειών του. Πρέπει ο εξαναγκαστής, να αισθάνεται σίγουρος ότι διαθέτει ό, τι οι θεωρητικοί αποκαλούν “κυριαρχία κλιμάκωσης”.

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