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Andreas Zapounidis

Andreas Zapounidis

Consultant - Military Intelligence Analyst

Special Forces (SF) and Intelligence/Analyst Sergeant Major, (retired), Hellenic Army E.U. and NATO, 1995-1996 & 2000-2019. Battle-tested experience in operations and intelligence while deployed to Afghanistan, Μali, and the Balkans. 

Entrusted as VIP/Close Protection for General Officers. In 2010, cross-cultural SF/Infantry training with US forces, including selection as Instructor, US Army Drill Sergeant Academy.

Between 2002-2019 developed critical skills identifier in Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and Liaison with significant impact and regional achievements during highly level international positions. Emerged as a strategic thinker resulting from interaction with diverse foreign civil constituencies and military organizations, as well as in academia.



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Defence & Military
Andreas Zapounidis

Putin’s Regime is running out of options

When it gets to the point where Russians are killing each other because they disagree on how best to carry out war crimes against Ukrainians, then things in Russian society are very serious, I fully understand the international community that is so worried by supporting Ukraine until the final victory and I agree with her.

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Defence & Military
Andreas Zapounidis

Ukranian D-Day, NLT June 6th 2023

When the thousands of soldiers trained to use tanks, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft systems, amphibious unmanned vehicles and special operations forces return at the same time as Western military aid, when supply lines, essential maintenance materials are planned and secured, and when the weather allow it, the Ukrainian counterattack will begin.

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Defence & Military
Andreas Zapounidis

Bakhmut as a symbol of the Will to Fight

The gap between theory and practice is uniquely bridged by the Ukrainian forces’ resistance to Bachmut. Baκhmut is the symbol of the Will to Fight and is not the end, it is the beginning of the end for Russian barbarism.

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Defence & Military
Andreas Zapounidis

Ukraine has already won the war

Ukrainian counter-intelligence apparently easily intercepted telephone communications indicating that the orders the soldiers are receiving are misunderstood and that something big is waiting to happen

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