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Email Policy

Email Access & Policy Regulations

Dear User,

We would like to welcome you to the world of Strategy International (SI) Ltd. We would like with this policy and guide to let you know on what is our access (user and pass) and location while also policy regulation.

It is important for us to make you and our colleagues aware and understand email processes and procedures. What to avoid and how to access.

Please note that by using this email and reading this material, you automatically consent to the regulations as projected below of Strategy International (SI) Ltd. We hold important to protect both the user and the company on the professional uses of the email(s) and as such kindly request you to read the below terms, general and specific, see the user name and access.

General Terms

By utilizing the below user name and password, you automatically consent to abide by the policy rules and regulation how you are allowed to use and what to avoid. Any miss-use of the email and therefore claim/damage to Strategy International (SI) Ltd, and/or its client server or third party, automatically terminates your access to the Email account. It renders the user legally liable for any damages occurred either against Strategy International (SI) Ltd or any Third Party directly or indirectly related with our Company.

No representation or signature or related final decision should be made unless you are endorsed by the leadership of Strategy International (SI) Ltd and its CEO.

We would like to use the emails on pure ethical conduct and security of business data, by promoting while also protecting our company. Keeping all things simple yet professional.

Digital Signature

We have prepared for you a digital signature below every email. Please use it at all times as well asa confidentiality clause.

Note: We are using only your information as per the website and the information provided for the site it-self.

Email Policy Introductory General Notes:

Note 1: Terms and conditions as below are applicable to all, without exceptions.

Note 2: In case of an accusation and utility of email that violates our policy of our Company reserves the right to follow up legally against your work and personally, once we have first investigated the issue and we are assured is not the works of a cyber-attack or spam.

Note 3: Strategy International (SI) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer and gender equal.

Note 4: By utilizing the email account you consent to use to the best of your knowledge the Email only for professional reasons and will attempt to avoid opening and registering or using email in places were spam my become a cyber-boot or cyber-attack.

Note 5: All related information that is written is proprietary of the user of the email account but also the company if it reflects works of Strategy International (SI) Ltd.

Note 6: The email should not be used for any personal contacts, orders, social media or private passwords.

Note 7: We, at Strategy International (SI) Ltd take all precautionary measures on GDPR regulations and we commit in protecting your data information as per EU GDPR Laws.

Note 8: Any official statement or position made through emails or attachments of emails (such as documents) do not reflect the works and/or official opinions of Strategy International (SI) Ltd, unless they are endorsed in written by the CEO or his/her official representative or director.

Policy Regulations:

  • All emails are and should be kept confidential (created or made by Strategy International (SI) Ltd and reflect only the receiving party(ies) based on the professional need for communication and/or joint work).
  • Strategy International (SI) Ltd emails between members and outside members are confidential. Any discussions kept in written should not be shared with any third party unless there is an authorized written consent by the CEO. Otherwise unlawful use or transfer to a third party renders the user legally liable and will terminate her/his access immediately.
  • The sole user to which is referred to, has access to the user and access code, unless it is requested by our IT team to resolve any technical issue that may require accessing your email account or if the position is terminated and upon handing over and taking any personal belonging we reserve the right to delete the account no more than after 2 days of completion of the position at Strategy International (SI) Ltd.
  • No use, should be made by any third party of the email account for any purpose except the official use and works of Strategy International (SI) Ltd for research, professional consulting or related communication.

Prohibition of use of email for the following elements:

  • Signing up or for any illegal, unreliable, disreputable or suspect websites and services.
  • Creating, distributing or accessing illegal materials and using it for proxy access or registering user name the email account.
  • Signing officially as representative for the company, unless you are first endorsed as a representative of the company in written.
  • Signing up for private social media and utility or access.
  • Utilization of your emails for private codes or market uses (of all kinds and what else is not mentioned here forth but is meant).
  • Communication with competitors. In case of private search of work potential or negotiations.
  • Sole Private promotion and not also company promotion.
  • Registering for a competitor’s services other than informational service.
  • Any other legal agreements of any kind that may damage Strategy International (SI) Ltd.
  • Sending any insulting or discriminatory messages, content or other materials that may be offensive or defamatory to Strategy International (SI) Ltd colleagues, board members, members or third parties that is considered racist or discriminatory in any way.
  • Intentionally spamming other people’s emails, including colleagues.
  • Forbidden use of email that can be considered insulting or related in nature such as: sexist, racist or other offensive material.
  • What can be considered as offensive material received in email must be reported to the IT and HR immediately.
  • You cannot send content that is protected by copyright unless authorized in written by both the source and its percentage of sending and Strategy International (SI) Ltd.
  • Links to inappropriate material that may damage you or the reputation of the company and (or) members, colleagues and senior leadership on their capabilities and deliverables, since they constitute private information and raising a negative opinion may be rendered offensive if not proven first.

In case that we find out or accused of bad use or any offensive actions made or with the intention to make against the company, members, colleagues and senior leadership, as stated above, we will deny all claims. We will then temporarily close the account. We will investigate it and accordingly will permanently close the account or if found that is of cyber-security issue, we will solve immediately technical issue.

If the action is proven to be intentional and considered legally damaging, we will hold the user liable for all damages occurred. For all legal purposes, and if friendly mediation fails, any legal dispute will be solved at the legal courts of the Republic of Cyprus.

Appropriate use of email

Email Security

  • We have chosen for you a strong password. Please keep this password.
  • If you wish to have a new password please let us know at [email protected]
  • We recommend that you never hand out your email password, even to colleagues.
  • Don’t write down your password but remember it.
  • If you store it to any of your computer(s) [laptop, desktop, Ipad or related pads or cell phone or related other] please note that you become automatically liable in case of password leak if by accident or otherwise your computer is compromised.

Avoiding Email Phishing

Phishing and, more specifically, spear-phishing emails have increased. Cyber-attacks are now diverse and multileveled. In cases they are common cyberattacks on small businesses.

Phishing refers to emails that appear to come from a legitimate source. Yet the main issue is to steal your sensitive information.

We at Strategy International (SI) Ltd and through our email client and company have taken all efforts to secure all accounts. However, phishing or malware or fake emails or indicated emails cannot be stopped at all times. Therefore we consider that you first:

  • See the email account were it came from.
  • If you consider that there is a fake or somehow attachment and checked first the email were it came from or the email has other fonts or signatures that do not make it reliable, do not open it and do not sent it away or forward it. Delete it immediately and try to block it.
  • In general do not click attachments, or links, on unsolicited emails especially from an unknown person or if the sources may not be considered reliable. Do a first search of the person to see or the email address that is related with any organization, institution and that is true.
  • If you receive only a link without anything please delete it, do not click on it.
  • Please inform us and report to us immediately in case you receive unwanted emails at [email protected] with the subject: “Spam or Junk or not trusted email”.



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