CIBER Focus: Sustainable Development Part 2 The Cybersecurity Landscape in Dubai with Marios Efthymiopoulos

In this video, Dr. Efthymiopoulos will share his insights on the current cybersecurity landscape in Dubai and the vital role it plays on the sustainable development of the city.

Dr. Efthymiopoulos is an Associate Professor of International Security and Strategy and former Dean of the College of Security and Global Studies, at the American University in the Emirates. He holds a PhD in Security and Strategic Affairs on NATO issues and NATO-Russia relations. Currently, Dr. Efthymiopoulos is focusing on alliances, international organizations, smart cities, and cyber security in the United Arab Emirates. His upcoming publication, “Handbook of Cyber-Democracy, Cyber-Development and Cyber-Defense,” covers economic and political development topics that are enabled by the International Telecommunication Union. Dr. Efthymiopoulos is also the Founder and CEO of the Strategy International think tank.