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Senior Scholar – Consultant

Careers: Senior Scholar - Consultant


Strategy International (SI) Ltd, values the need for constant collaboration, development through knowledge and applied scientific experience. If you wish to be engaged, if you wish to create and collaborate with our network, to write and engaged in creation of projections (apply and fund a project) please do get in contact with us. We always seek empirical knowledge capacity and people of capabilities to join our team. Through our company you will be given the opportunity to enhance further your career. To share your thoughts and conduct meetings (open and close) to write about and overview projects and consultative works while also be interviewed and testify for the outcomes of your results. This is a self-funded position which can be funded out of grants or applications from research programs. 

Strategy International (SI) Ltd, is an equal opportunities employer. All reflective information will be kept confidential if shared under the GDPR rules. Position(s) is/are constantly open.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities are laid out. They are not limited to those, yet reflect the majority of the expectations. The objective is to increase further your visibility and works, while also establish programs, consult clients and also publish work through our audio/video and written platforms.

Among others.

Per consultation

  • Ability to consult on ongoing challenges based on the client/stakeholder needs
  • Ability to envision the possibilities and options for development
  • Risk assess the situation and profile solutions to pending issues
  • Consult on track needs and steps considering the nature of the consultation

Per Project Creation

  • Create and oversee the creation of a project that would fit the professional and scientific needs of the objectives of the company.
  • Complete the project application

Per Network establishment

  • Establish the required networks and increase the impact factor of the company
  • Work with the senior consultants/experts
  • Work on specific projects with clients (with all confidentiality and agreements made)
  • Work with the senior management of the company


  • Publish constantly through our various publications
  • Create events, meetings and take part in various professional and scientific activities
  • Be capable to be interviewed in national and international media outlets
  • Able to establish R&D projects utilizing new market frameworks and formats to increase the policy impact factor of the company

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Professional and/or Scientific/Academic Experience
  • Multilinguist
  • International market knowledge and experience
  • Ability to travel when required (upon first agreement with client)
  • Qualified to create a group of experts to meet and discuss with potential clients/stakeholders
  • Support the operational tasks of strategy international
    Good technological knowledge and remote working abilities


  • This is a self-funded position which can be funded out of grants or applications from research programs and based on negotiations with Strategy International (SI) first.
  • Publications would entail either based on budgetary program allocation or self-financed publications as part of a larger project which would include all costs. Strategy International (SI) Ltd, would help with the marketing tools for strategic enhancement and event cost


  • Worldwide

Timeframe of collaboration of the Senior Scholars at Strategy International (SI) ltd

Negotiable and upon first proposal and reason to become a member of our consulting team.

For all related applications per our openings, send us all your materials work. Cover letter and reasoning along with other detailed information to: [email protected]

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