Careers & Fellowship Opportunities
If you wish to apply for a position/fellowship at strategy International we need to follow, the following steps:

Please contact Pur Human Resource Managers, for all HR inquiries, CV submissions and internships.

For a full Application File, for All purposes, please send material to (by email only):

1. A detailed CV. (including location and contact details).

2. A photograph. (recent no more than 6 months).

3. A brief Statement of Purpose for possible cooperation with Strategy International (Internship, or Research Assosiates or Assistants and or other proposals).

4. A Cover Page (including 3 names of people professionals & or academics for referencing contact details).

5. In case of a call to applications, please follow the exact requests. Application that will not include all details will not be accepted for processing.

Please note that Strategy International, holds the right to check university or professional credentials that will be recorder on the application.

Strategy International, accepts applications in 4 languages: Greek, English, French & German.

After careful review and upon directorate, board and administration approval or disapproval, we will contact you by email.

Time of reply to your request: 2 months.