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    Jasminka Simic is a journalist and Editor in the National Radio and Television of Serbia. She holds a PhD in Political Sciences from the University of Belgrade, in issues of Euro-Atlantic integration, from the Department of International Studies, University of Belgrade. She holds a Masters of Political Sciences, experting in European Integration and European Parliament, Decision making process, from the faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade and a BA (hons) from the faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. She Published the following books: European Parliament – An Actor In the Decision – Making Process of the European Union“, Službeni glasnik, Belgrde, 2010. In Search of a New Mission : NATO and the Yugoslav Crisis 1990-2001“, Službeni glasnik, Belgrade, 2010. Published articles such as Legislative Procedure of the European Union“ (1996), Challenges facing NATO IN THE 21st Century” in Journal “International problems”, Belgrade, (2009), NATO’s engagement in the former SFRY, 1991-2001” in Journal “International affairs”, Belgrade, (2009), She is also a participant in importance international conferences organized in Belgrade: Lectures on issues : „The International Security“, „Serbia’s European perspective“, „NATO in the New Era“: at the Faculty of Humanistic Science, Belgrade. Ms. Simic speaks English & French.

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