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    Demetrios Tsailas

    Demetrios Tsailas is a Retired Rear Admiral of the Senior Naval Command of Northern Greece and former director of the department of the Supreme Joint War College for Security and Strategy. Prior to this appointment, he commanded HS AXIOS while flagship for the command of SNMCMG-2 NATO flotilla. Previously, he had spent three years as Defense Attaché of Greece in Canada, and three as Aid de Camp to the President of Republic Mr. Kostas Stefanopoulos. His earlier command appointments include the Fast Patrol Ships Guided HS LASKOS and HS ANNINOS, the torpedo boats HS ESPEROS and HS TOXOTIS.

    Rear Admiral Tsailas, graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981. A navigation and operation specialist, he served as Navigating officer in patrol boats and destroyer escorts, was a navigator instructor at the Naval Officers’ Training Centre and at the Naval Academy. Operational tours as Combat and Training Officer, in destroyer escorts, had a number of operational and training appointments in that area. He holds a Master’s Degree in Maritime Strategic Studies from Naval War College. He is a graduate of both the Command and Staff Course in the Naval Officers’ Training Centre. Rear Admiral (Rt) Dimitrios Tsailas retired from Strategy International’s directorate board at the level of Director General of Strategy International.

    Rear Admiral (Rt)Tsailas speaks English

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