Advocating International Affairs
Through our “Thessaloniki Summit” or best known as the “Thessaloniki International Meeting on Strategic and International affairs” we attempt to “advocate in international affairs”. This is a metaphor that we use to explicitly refer to Thessaloniki as the epicenter of international negotiations for strategic and international affairs. We bring forward the very best of academic, professionals, political appointees and market knowledge, experts and leaders to discuss, negotiate, conclude on international and global issues.

For two or three days, conference members advocate in an international level on international and strategic affairs. All present forth their opinions and expert knowledge. All deliberate in open or closed sessions to the public.

By the end of the meetings, a report is published. This report is of international interest and has a practical impact factor.

The report is associated with the market needs, challenges and current of future operations. The information is also disseminated across the network of Strategy International.