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Towards a new dimension of security architecture in an ever changing strategic landscape


Towards a new dimension of security architecture in an ever changing strategic landscape

Volatility and regional instability are political characteristics of our time. Assessing Risk and putting proposals forward are key components to potentially true stability and new security architecture design.

Volatility and regional instability seem to be political characteristics that describe our present time. Two years after Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine, wars are continuing and seem to be multiplying. We find volatility across different areas of concern, from Ukraine and the Middle East to Africa and the East Asian region to Latin America. Foreign Policy considers eight geostrategic concerns as major points to be ‘unlocked’ within 2024. These are to be taken into consideration, among other things, unforeseen possible circumstances.

In analyzing the current situation, I position myself towards the need for an accurate and concrete settlement of disputes and a method to approach all subjects to pursue a line of resolution of conflicts. There is an urgent need to resolve the current security cases and concerns. There is a need to avoid possible spillovers. To contain and to end current and pending wars. To resolve issues in practice. This requires a truthful and new security architecture design and method of alliance approach. This new design should bring about a balance of power. Should create an opportunity to minimize current volatility that seems to spill over in diverse directions. We need a balance of power and a clear political momentum for collaboration and alliance in the re-making and shaping a new dimensional security environment. We need a new, strategic, and future-based clear vision with a purpose.

Considering current strategic forecasting, we can foresee that concerns may escalate to become real challenges affecting, among other things. To include challenges in current societal and cultural or religious structures, international economies, and trade. Our mission and objective should be to end wars and foresee things that bind us together rather than apart. Exercising power over threats and war situations is not a solution.

We need to consider emerging threats, assess risk concretely, and come up with concrete proposals at an unconventional threat level. Failure to do so may put Allies, i.e., Euro-Atlantic and European states, on the verge of regional, peripheral, and international challenges. We must be vigilant yet prepared to face challenges and possible consequences. As the opposing side may not be ready to go into such depth of concern.

We are now at the forefront of both symmetrical and asymmetrical challenges. With no known conventional solution methodology approach to solve issues. We need to need to seek national and international cooperative or allied solutions that should be made viable. To include a national, regional, and international process, analysis, discussion, and dimension of solution to current or constantly upscaling threats. In turn, threats are yet to be defined. And as they progress, they become more complex. However, they still need to be responded to.

We therefore need to consider a road map made of security architecture to build on a ’path’ that includes:

  1. The comprehension of our landscape
  2. Risk assessment current and future.
  3. Regional Resilience Framework on National and regional and International Security
  4. Pragmatic knowledge of regional issues to be negotiated.
  5. Methodology of approach as a solution based on business-to-business and ever expanded direct trade
  6. Capacity and capability remaking. Building and trust methodologies between neighboring states
  7. Intensive structural and political negotiations and mediations on issues of regional concern
  8. Projection of a regional development framework for the next fifty to 100 years. to include:
    1. sociological elements,
    2. infrastructure,
    3. research and technology dependence between states.
    4. trade agreements
    5. future utility use
    6. development that seeks out global and regional agreements for progress”
    7. development of an enhanced free market economy between states that upholds true values of development trade and cooperation.
    8. agreed values on all peaceful resolutions of any issues and conflicts.
    9. multinational program development in the exploitation of the current and future sea, air and outer space and landscapes.

In a regional and international architecture, resilience and reliance on each other’s economies and power abilities should be the main characteristics or reasoning for solving conflicts.

As an ongoing global phenomenon, from war-torn areas to climate challenges, the scarcity of resources requires an ever-growing alliance.

Exact elements and variables that bring us together rather than apart are the ones that may and can bring parties together. The alternate solution is just not viable and much more violent.




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