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War raging. Israel Vs. Hamas. What is to happen?


War raging. Israel Vs. Hamas. What is to happen?

Israel’s War with Hamas is ongoing. What is to happen? An operational analysis of various events as they progress.

Gaza terror militants infiltrated Israel from several locations on October 7th, 2023. This was not an attempt to “liberate or free Palestine,” as some quickly claimed. Nor did they want to make a point towards this cause. They wanted to kill innocent lives. To abduct and to negotiate. That is one of the characteristics of terror groups. Accurate resolutions of conflicts, as balance seems to be somehow achieved at the time, are completed over actual negotiations. These were already ongoing, with the possibility of a solution more realistic than ever in many years. Hamas aimed to cold-blood kill innocent civilians. A disturbing reality that no authentic leadership ever takes against a possible enemy. That is what makes Hamas a terror group.

Hamas’ actions put the Palestinians in Gaza in jeopardy thereafter. Innocent Palestinian lives are lost amidst the war. This is now a retaliatory war. A war that can only be completed if Hamas’s political and military group surrenders completely.

But to do so, they would need to surrender to Israel. One would presume that its political leadership, to say the least, is located outside Gaza. Where Hamas’s political leadership is found is, more or less, known. Why is it there, though? One may wonder. And does this sound or look well to not be in the “field of battle”? What is to become to the innocent Palestinians in Gaza? What about the innocent lives lost in the wake of Hamas wanting to War? Hamas knew that an open war would be a lost cause. What did they aim for?

The IDF operation is and has been straightforward since its beginning. Since 8th October 2023. And it is presumed it is an operation that is retaliatory to the 7th October 2023 Hamas actions. And should not be seen otherwise. The Atrocities committed were a security blow to Israeli security but also to the socio-political structure, which is based on security and safety in Israel. And that needed a swift response. It also ignited security discussions inside the state to figure out flaws. Technological and/or human-made. More so, political party debates over leadership skills and actions taken since the terror attacks on 7th October 2023. Still to this day, due to the extended war in Gaza. The aim, however, is precise. Exterminating Hamas. A terror group that is in various parts of Gaza. Knowing that Hamas is deep-rooted and indeed located in different parts of Gaza. Hamas is not a political group, nor is it a political ideology. Proven by its actions. Therefore, it hides with its actions, methods, and weaponry.

It is believed that Hamas leadership knew that Israel would retaliate, and the response would be stern. And an increased possible damage in Israel’s soil would cause havoc as a retaliation method. Hamas allowed for such havoc. And it did. There is such havoc that we are now discussing a new security architecture for the region and the wider area. An area that exceeds much more than the regional approach between Palestine and Israel.

Israel and other neighboring states, we would assume, will realign their regional security concerns with new realities. Thus, already affecting economic and trade ties, logistics, and supply chains. Hamas knew that this would be the case. Hence, in essence, “disturbing” any possibility of an actual solution to a possible two-state solution and the regional realignment and approach between Israel and the Arab world. And Hamas did not act alone.

Vital discussions were taking place on the possibility of an increased resolution of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Hence, a possible two-state solution. Saudi Arabia, intermediated by the US and included discussions with Israel. And was leading to positive results. Today, results show the opposite. The war made it so that even current relations with other Arab States are now put in jeopardy.  

The security landscape and architecture of the region of Southeast Europe and the Middle East will change.  We need to see to it that the war ends.  This means that Hamas must surrender to end the war. As, it is believed that Israel will neither soon nor suddenly stop if the goal is not achieved. Gaza will have to be settled and re-settled by Palestinians. And it is seemingly essential to see the status of control.

It is possible that a de-militarized area can be created overviewing Gaza with the support of various powers that seek regional balance and that are somehow allied with Israel. Israel will continue to hold central military control. It will hold enhanced power for operations against any terror group that emerges. At the same time, it allows for the re-building of the area. And pushing for a new political control. This would apply to Central and South Gaza. But North Gaza may be a question.

Mohammed Deif, tenuous leader of the group’s military wing, stated for October 7th 2023. “This is the day of the greatest battle to end the last occupation on earth,” adding that 5,000 rockets had been launched”. In fact this is the day that will be known that Hamas made its gravest mistake in its existence. And this caused thousands of innocent lives to die both in Israel and Palestine Gaza.

Israel can safely assume that it is already restructuring its security architecture. Its security apparatus. It’s rapprochement to alliances. And practice methods. More so, regional approaches to security. For its citizens, residents, and allies. To define who is and who is not an ally to Israel. It will attempt to re-align its alliances format and approach structure on all levels, including business and trade. While many states around the world condemn the terror attacks from these terror groups, some regional countries and political appointees have taken a position that one may claim to support these terror groups.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Authority in West Bank, without any actual political power at hand is questioned on its true capability and leadership. There is a need for leadership. The West Bank is in flames, and at the same time, Hamas and Hezbollah continue with intermediate methods to emerge as militant and political powers versus the Palestinian Authority.

Israel’s “Iron Swords” will continue. And will continue in different operational approaches. Big or smaller soon after the war is declared completed. Conscripts may return, but Israel will continue to remain in a state of War until the operation is completed.

The source of Hamas’s power will find financial backlash in its capabilities. The methods to counter Hamas in the financial and digital space of transactions is considerable and various will be Israel’s counter terror methods to take place if they are not taking place already.

Terrorism cannot be defined but as terrorism. And more so, Hamas group that is neither a liberation group nor a political group. It is a terror group. From its method, this sudden attack, this was an act of terror and crime. Its aim was to assassinate. It was a political message. That the possibility of a two-state solution would not reach on the actual public domain. It was a message that all can collapse. But eventually will not. It should not be expected that Israel would not have retaliated. Probably the international community was not aware at which level and depth of attack Israel would react. But it did. The war is estimated to progress, until Hamas is exterminated, or surrenders. And discussions of a two state-solution maybe salvaged eventually. But death and destruction will not be forgotten for either-sides. A dark side of history being currently written.


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