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Web Series #16 – Experiences of the Maritime Domain and the Republic of Cyprus

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Web Series #16 – Experiences of the Maritime Domain and the Republic of Cyprus

On our next web series episode of “Prime Analysis,” we welcome Vassilios Demetriades. Vassilios is the former Shipping Deputy Minister of the Republic of Cyprus (July 2020-Feb 2023).

A Prime Analysis episode by Strategy International


On our next web series episode of “Prime Analysis,” we welcome Vassilios Demetriades. Vassilios is the former Shipping Deputy Minister of the Republic of Cyprus (July 2020-Feb 2023). With the opportunity of his newly published book in Greek “Society Jazz,” we discuss the maritime domain of Cyprus and the importance of personal vision and experiences. We discuss the importance of the maritime domain in the Republic of Cyprus and the past experiences that led Vassilios to lead the maritime and shipping affairs domain in the Republic of Cyprus. We discuss the European approaches and challenges to maritime affairs policy and maritime strategy’s impact on South-East Europe. We, in turn, discuss the formulation of policy based on European personal experiences in his professional growth while he was in Brussels as a representative and expert. This discussion is also concentrated on public administrative elements, decision-making abilities, and practical vision.
Prime Analysis is a public discourse, scientific, and professional web series. Prime analysis discusses issues of national and international affairs and concerns. From leadership and decision-making to political affairs and technology, showcasing regional and international politics, global issues, and cultural and historical affairs. Prime Analysis examines and discusses various interdisciplinary market economic, sociological, technological, and political issues that hold a global impact, considering political and economic affairs, international trade, technology, and R&D, among others.


Vassilios Demetriades, served as Shipping Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus from July 2020 to February 2023. During his tenure, the strategic vision for Cyprus Shipping “SEA change 2030” was formulated, promoting an extroverted approach and a new philosophy and working structure within the Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM). The Strategy incorporates 35 sustainable actions to make Cyprus Shipping resilient, environmentally sustainable, more efficient, and competitive. More than 70% of these actions have been implemented during his tenure.

Vassilios demonstrated leadership at global and EU level in effectively responding to crises (COVID-19 and Ukraine war) taking charge of key actions to enable safe crew changes, formulating and implementing a national vaccination plan to cover 40000 seafarers, facilitating a fast-track process for seafarers affected by the war in Ukraine to open bank accounts and access their salaries. He put forward a number of incentives and funding programs aiming to decarbonize shipping (Green Tax Incentives, “Research Innovation Shipping Environment” Program), and was actively involved in theformulation of a broad and diverse set of actions required to achieve emissions reduction targets at EU and IMO level. During his tenure Cyprus’ Blue Economy was further developed through the formulation of Cyprus’ Maritime Spatial Plan. He also took regional initiatives to promote maritime safety in the Mediterranean through the promotion of a harmonized inspections regime and proposed an Agenda for sustainable use of Oceans by Commonwealth.The efficiency of SDM was further developed by creating the framework conditions for one-stop-shipping-shop through an EU funded project for the digital transformation of all SDM services already under implementation, and the adoption of the legal framework for the incorporation of Shipping Company. During the same period a maritime passenger link between Cyprus and Greece was reinstated, after a 21-year hiatus, providing alternative connectivity through an effective framework of public subsidy. Vassilios placed great emphasis to the young generation aiming to create a culture for seafaring, maritime and blue studies and professions through innovative and interactive campaigns and initiatives.

Prior to his appointment he served as a Policy Officer in the Directorate General of Mobility and Transport of the European Commission coordinating the EU maritime transport strategy and EU’s external maritime transport relations for 5 years. He was previously involved in the formulation of EU sustainable shipping initiatives and he has also served the European Commission as a Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Vassiliou in the formulation, communication and implementation of EU policies on education and vocational training.
He has formerly served the Cyprus Public Administration as the Head of EU Affairs Unit at the Cypriot Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works formulating Cyprus’ national position to the EU on transport, telecommunications, shipping and integrated maritime policies and he was in charge of the overall coordination of the Cyprus Presidency to the EU pertaining to these areas. Vassilios served as the first Maritime Counsellor of Cyprus to the EU, from Cyprus accession to the EU in 2004 until the end of 2008, representing Cyprus to the EU in the fields of maritime transport, intermodal transport and networks, EU Integrated Maritime Policy, EU Space Policy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Previously he served the Cyprus Maritime Administration of Cyprus from various posts and the private sector as an Area Marketing Manager at Remedica Ltd responsible for marketing, selling and exporting pharmaceuticals for human use to various countries all over the world.

Vassilios holds a BSc degree in Business Economics from Surrey University and an MSc degree in Management Science from the same University. He serves as the Founder of Vision Do Advisory. You can see more on his personal site: www.vassiliosdemetriades.com


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