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Welcome to the World of Strategy International (SI) Ltd


Welcome to the World of Strategy International (SI) Ltd

Welcome to Strategy International (SI) Ltd message from our CEO. A company that its vision is to be and go places. To be truly global. To envision the dialogue of civilizations in the fields and actions that our objectives and policies and mission holds

On behalf of Strategy International (SI) Ltd and our team, we would like to welcome you to our consulting think tank company and our new website.

We are your global forward-thinking consulting think tank. Our history dates back to 2008. However, in 2022, we are re-launching our company with new collaborations and processes but with similar objectives, aims, and vision.

While exploring our site, envisage something different: a well-established company and website, which provides much-needed services, global experts to support from around the world, and much experience in strategic management, accumulated in a single entity. Through our output, we attempt to examine and analyze, explore and provide practical recommendations to our stakeholders and our public audience. We envision endless possibilities to seek solutions to political national, regional and global challenges affecting our international community.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd offers many diverse services, inter alia, continuing education and training programs for professionals, meetings and executive meetings, conferences and seminars/webinars, along with publications that are of qualitative and quantitative value to the reader and the stakeholder and clients. Ergo, we invite you to browse through our brochures, which are also going to be available on our site.

We are an independent entity. As an independent entity of moral values and ethics, we envision, explore, and examine the world as a dynamic process. We advise and consult, employing our expertise, empirical knowledge, and efficiency. While we learn from history and create options for the future, we examine and analyze real options and fundamental frameworks. We refer to the current state of affairs while offering future options. We therefore explore, learn, train, and educate our readers, partners, and stakeholders.

We are a company that envisages being and going places. To be truly global. We envision conducting a dialogue of civilizations in the fields and actions that our objectives and policies hold. We enrich our work and believe that what you will see is what our capabilities are all about.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd has its HQ located in Cyprus. And we envision expanding ever more in the forthcoming future. Cyprus is no coincidence, considering its geostrategic location. Cyprus is truly located at a crossroads of civilizations. A member state of the European Union, the last frontier of the EU, in close proximity to the Middle East and bordering North Africa. Cyprus is a great place to work and live. To travel and visit. Through cultural diversity and diplomacy, to discuss and envision a truly global ‘dialogue of civilizations.’ Cyprus aspires and inspires. Through its vast and glorious diverse history. The country is complete with national and international opportunities. Nevertheless, it faces political challenges as it is an illegally invaded country and is the only divided European country to date.

The use of technology is one of our motos and human capital achievements. We make use of what technology provides us. We continue to innovate with our methods and human capital, and we intend to become a technology incubator in practice utilizing all technology tools offered to us, marking us as not only an enjoyable environment to work in but a technology-friendly one as well.

We invite all companies, entities, institutions, government and private entities, stakeholders, and investors, to visit our website and communicate with us. To discuss services and what we provide. To discuss options of growth, resolution of pending challenges, and offer policy crafting scenarios while also allowing us to advise you on issues of significant concern. Governments and public entities, organizations, institutions, companies, and individuals are all welcomed.

To discuss all aspects and issues of our global community. To enrich ourselves with the values and ethics embedded in the UN Charter.

In the coming period, we intend to utilize all our knowledge and contacts and establish a worldwide network. To enrich our capacity and engage in extensive consultations, advice, training, reporting, and analysis, campaign management and public affairs, seminars, webinars, and conferences. Summit meetings and discuss vast issues that we are and should be concerned with, among others.

Our pool of associates and partners is constantly enlarging in numbers. We believe in equal opportunities, and we believe in gender equality. We believe in our human capital, which is the alpha and omega of our success. We also believe that we need to be collaborative and cooperative with other institutions and not competitive.

It is our wish and strategy, as mentioned above, to be independent but also request the constant support of those that believe that our balanced relationship can offer solutions. We believe that together we can establish a truly global place of mediation, discussion, analysis, and solutions to be put together.

We abide by the international community’s rules, thus supporting a plurality of opinions. However, we seek scientific and proven solutions. We believe in balancing our global needs, which makes us well-tuned to global market requests.

We have a world to explore, examine and analyze. By utilizing our new digital ecosystem and the opportunity to explore new worlds, we seek solutions to challenges.

Strategy International (SI) Ltd is here to support your ideas and provide you with tailored advice in this current era of heightened volatility and prolonged uncertainty.

Dialogue requires goodwill but also acumen. And we have both. We strategize for today and tomorrow, keeping in mind that we live in an ever-growing interconnected world.

We are explorers and pioneers of options and opportunities in all topics and regions we are acquainted with. Where we are and where we are heading.

Please explore our site. Join us for more discussions and join our members’ network. Join our team if you so wish by establishing a network of experts that will offer the opportunity for Strategy International (SI) Ltd to become genuinely global.

We aspire to be and become one of the leading consulting and think tank firms in the political and public affairs sectors. We aspire to train and constantly educate and advise. To develop and grow. To construct year by year our premises that will showcase to the world sustainability and innovation, maturity and progressiveness, tradition and the future combined as one.

On behalf of our team, I would like to welcome you to Strategy International (SI) Ltd. Allow us to become part of your decision-making world. Allow us to work with you, consult and advise you, having conducted thorough scientific research of all possible scenarios. We conduct for you a dialogue of civilizations, where not only ethics and morality matter but the way we interpret peace and security, business and investment opportunities. Our scientific methodological approach and our firm belief in our cause will pay dividends.

Contact us for a brief. For a presentation of our services and company and rest assured we will be with you all the way with all expected outputs, always discreet concerning our clients, whom we call stakeholders.




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