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Envisioning the Future of National and International Security Strategy for the Republic of Cyprus


Envisioning the Future of National and International Security Strategy for the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus can help shape and create a global geostrategic dimension of it self and the region

Embracing the Future

Cyprus is a valuable ally. It can reach out to be a global ally. It already is a strategic regional ally and is currently enriching its position. It can be a future Euro-Atlantic Ally, under processes and considerations.  Cyprus can help shape and create a global geostrategic dimension of itself and its region. Its role is envisioned, as much regional as well as global.
Current actions, at the levels of foreign and defense policies, energy and economics among others, may result to furthering strategic opportunities, rendering possibly a much more exciting future. A future that will include multileveled roles. Levels of policy opportunities, to create among others, trade and development, boost growth and methods of creativity.
This future, will encompass multi-levels and dimensions, seen solely as opportunities. Strategic challenges will surely continue to exist. As there will surely be or already is, a cost. It may not come easy. Nonetheless, it will render new and more exciting opportunities, while cost is being balanced and will ultimately been seen as less of cost and burden and much more of a solid option with positive outcomes.
Ultimately, whether Cyprus will be able to operate or provide the very best, the utmost of such opportunities, depends on certain variables: Its current and future leadership; societal and market preparedness; tactical openneness; strategic efficiency; initiatives and innovation; shaping the strategic and operational strategic roles of Cyprus at a national and global levels, among others. In short rending ideas into action. Thinking into multiple dimensions.

A Strategic Road Map for the Future

By the end of 2018, Cyprus enriches and enjoys, itself with experiences, throughout a “first class leveled alliance shaping”. There is now more than ever, a need for concrete hand-picked, considering solely expertise, for national and international expertise to be involved in the drawing faces, operational preparedness face, tactical evaluation and application.
Once these steps are aligned (considering that the policy goals are clear), then a new future road map will come about; one that will incorporate all the applicability ways and methods. Will shape the Strategic and Security led apparatus of Cyprus for the future at a National and global levels of doing business at large.
The Strategic Road Map, will be aligned and involved at the policy and strategic levels of the government’s operational and policy decisions.
Its aim is clear: to shape the future of the country. Propose issues that can be long-lasting far-fetched and truly innovative, away from earlier considerations and experiences, envisioning geostrategic and geopolitical future, while current challenges taking place today seem to be an opportunity for all.

Shaping Future Strategies for the Republic of Cyprus

A future strategy is needed. To investigate, analyze, create and to lead on to concrete levels of operations. To support current elements and moves. To shape the region’s future.
What is required is:
1. A framework of National Security Strategy for the Republic of Cyprus
2. A framework of Global Strategic Involvement and depth.
3. A National Framework of Alliance Formation that will incorporate shaping and growth; aims and objectives, among others.
4. A Council of Foreign Relations, in which relations will be shaped, grown or initiated. A center for negotiations of future affairs. Where Strategic Frameworks are discussed, envisioned, shaped and operated.
5. Initiatives, to train, shape and operate the world from Cyprus. A world class marketing tool.
For all of the above to take place, there is a need of market and society realignment and clarity in vision. Preparedness and efficient education. A generation to lead and truly innovate.
Cyprus’ leaders should aim high. National prosperity, international value and growth. A vision that will aim to reshape the posture on how Cyprus is seen. Alliances aimed to world class observations and participation.
Essentially, to create and initiate a future, vastly different than the current or previous one, where the future of strategic and market opportunities has no limits; where the cost is far less than the opportunities.




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