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Network Security - Protecting a Site


Perfect security is an impossibility”.


Attack techniques are constantly evolving. Over the last twenty years, tools for attacking information systems have become more powerful, but more importantly, easier to use. Ease of use has lowered the technical knowledge required to conduct an attack, and has thus increased the pool of potential attackers exponentially.

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Statement on the Hacking Attempt of SI

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                     May 19th 2011.

Statement of the Head of Strategy International on hacking our website.

for further questions and more information please contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reaction to the Hacking Attempt,

On the evening of the 18th May 2011, Strategy International was Cyber-Attacked  allegedly by people known as hackers or cyber-attackers.

Strategy International Heads of IT recovered it in a very short time and with great success.

Strategy International is a non-profit company that is of service to the cause of  international education and international co-operation. As such, we strongly believe that there is no single reason or purpose to any attempts of hacking.

At the same time, this hacking attack shows the importance and the seriousness of all our articles that are written.

We strongly believe that all our articles should be taken into consideration by all respective interested parties.

This and any other attempts of any cyber-attack will be dealt with a strong reaction from our part and via the use of any legal methods.

I can surely state to all of our readers and followers that neither I nor our team at Strategy International can be intimidated by any attempts of cyber-attacks.

For this reason the directorship of Strategy International felt the need to write this statement, so we can simply clarify the following:

In a time of grave changes, in a time of finacial, social and political changes Strategy International has stood strong in its simplicity as it created a new and innovative also web-based institution that is to the service of international and national education and international consultation.

Strategy International is a 21st century Think Tank based in Thessaloniki Greece. It approves of all methods and uses of technology in collaborating with some of the finest world-wide and reknown institutions and is looking forward in setting up a strong agenda to specialize and propose issues for consideration in the fields of Strategy  and in specific strategies in the field of foreign and security policies.

In a time of change for Greece, Strategy International is looking to create new opportunities by up to date analyses that are to the service of the people in concern and to the wider periphery of the Balkan region and Southeastern Europe.

Strategy aims to become in the years to come a hub for your strategic options and opinions. It is also aiming to constuct an international dialogue of constructive critisicm and constructive proposals that can have an applicable timeframe and the proposals to be put forward for practical application.

All people working for Strategy International have the skills and the ability to face all issues that are at stake. Strategy International is also offering the possibilities for constant professional training in a variety of fields in the interest of foreign and security policies.

Strategy International is a constructive source of information. And for this reason it seeks collaboration.

However, Strategy International has also the capacity and the capability to counter all methods used to intimidate us towards our work and our goals. We shall always be in close proximity to our legal advisors and legal options to counter any work of anyperson that stands between the ability to point out our opinions in a free and democratic world, and to raise the options and opportunities to further educate propose and consult on issues that relate with national and international collaboration in all fields of strategy in foreign and security affairs.

Finally to all of our readers and supportes. I personally want to apologize for this unexpected problem. Today our team’s reaction and work has shown once more our readiness to effectively counter  with success any attacks.

The directorship would like to thank all of you for reading our opinions and supporting our cause by joining us to our events . we will continue to write upon things that are of importance to our cause and issues that relate with national and international Foreign Policy and Strategy.

Please use all our resources that have been provided by SI in order to read our opinion papers while looking at any new opportunities.

 Your Trully,

 Dr. Marios Efthymiopoulos

Head of Strategy International


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