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Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos

CEO & Founder, Strategy International

Dr. Marios-Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos is the CEO & Founder of Strategy International.

Dr. Efthymiopoulos is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Harriman Institute at the University of Columbia in New York. 

In the past, he held positions as visiting scholar at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC as a visiting senior research scholar at George Washington University, Business School, EU Center for Excellence, Washington DC. He also held positions as Southeast Europe Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC USA, and visiting Lecturer at the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University Of Cyprus, Nicosia Cyprus. Dr. Efthymiopoulos is a constant invited guest at the Joint War College of Greece, the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operation and Training Center (NMIOTC), the NATO training corps in Kilkis, Homeland Police Security and Training of National Hellenic Police in Athens, and the NATO Deployable Corps in Thessaloniki Greece. He is a graduate from the NATO Defence College (NADEFCOL) senior course 105, 2004-2005, Rome, Italy. He was appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece at NATO in Rome, worked at the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the Biotechnology and Biosafety issues and as a Political/Financial Analyst at the Cook County’s Treasurer’s Office in Chicago Illinois USA.



He holds a PhD from the University of Crete, Greece, a senior civilian and officers diploma by the NATO Defence College, Rome Italy, a Masters Degree from the University of Vienna -The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna- in Advanced International Relations (MAIS) (2002-2003), Vienna Austria & MSc in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK, (2001-2002), and BA (Hons) in International Relations and Politics by the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, (1998-2001), Lincoln, UK. 



Scholarship of the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation

Scholarship of the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Foundation  Chicago Illinois

Scholarship of the Holly Metropolis of Ileia Greece.

Expertise in: 

International Economic Analysis, Global and National Development Security Affairs, International Organizations, Global and national Strategies, Structures of Modern Alliances and World Affairs, Geopolitical and strategic affairs, Cyber issues, anti-terrorism and Greek Politics.

Experience and field work in Southeastern Europe, Western Balkans, Greece, USA and European Union countries such as France, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus and Ukraine.


Concentration on Publications:

His concentration of publications are in security and development, global strategies & policies, international organizations, defense analysis, international negotiations and operations and financial security and development and world affairs.


TV & Radio Stations Commentator: 

Dr. Efthymiopoulos is a commentator on a variety of national TV and Radio stations but also international media. He comments are seen at C-Span, CNN and CNN international, CNN Ireport, National Finland Radio, Reuters,National TV Greece, along with Radio Stations such as the Voice of America, National Public Radio, BBC world news Service, but also Radio Stations in New York, Hellenic Radio, Hellenic Heartbeat  Chicago, Skai Radio Greece, TV100 Thessaloniki, Makedonia news paper and Kathimerini of Cyprus. 

 For more information on his op. ed articles please visit his professional and personal sites on:


Book Publications:

Dr. Efthymiopoulos is author of two books:

1) Efthymiopoulos Marios (2012), “Strategic Security and Transatlantic Relations –In Greek-, Athens-Thessaloniki, Sakkoulas Press (ISBN: 978-960-445-902-5), referred by NATO, Professors of National Security Marshall Center Germany and a Member of the Netherlands Defense Academy and Member of the Atlantic Council of the USA.

2) Efthymiopoulos Marios –in Greek- (2008), “NATO in the 21st Century: The Need for a Renewed StrategicseConcept and the Ever Enlarging NATO-Russia Relations, Athens-Thessaloniki, Sakkoulas Press (ISBN: 978-960-445-380-1). Referenced at NATO, the Atlantic Council of the USA and the Onassis Foundation.

New books:

A new book is published in October 2013 by Sakkoula Press: A translation through the Chicago University Press and of Professor Of Political Science, Dr. Robert Pape (Professor, University of Chicago) in Counter-terrorism and Suicide bombing (Chicago Press-Sakkoulas Press).

2. An Edited volume  team work with Springer in 2014 (February), on Cyber-defense and Cyber-Democracy, in Cooperation with the George Washington University Business School in the USA (Professor Elias Carayannis) and the University of Klagenfurt Austria (Dr David Campbell).

Dr. Efthymiopoulos has also among other chapters, writen in a new book, published by Palgrave Macmillan edited by (Et. Al.) Professor Sharyl Cross, Univesity of Austin and members of Atlantic Coucils. As a co-author with Professor Valbona Zeneli of the Marshall Center Germany, he proposes the creation of Interoperable Development Network, leading the way for Foreign Direct Investment to occur in the region. The book was published in May 2013 and titled: "Shaping South-East Europe's Security Community for the 21st Century, Trust Partnership, Integration (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013: pp 151-165).



1. Under Negotiations with Publishing House (in English) on Major Business Deals as methods of Conflict Resolution for 2016.

2. Encyclopedia on Cyber-Democracy (Ed.) with Publishing house for 2015-2016.


Academic, professional and op-eds articles:

Dr. Efthymiopoulos publishes numerous articles in Greece, Poland, the UK, the USA, Italy, Australia and Canada in relations to Strategic Issues, Transatlantic relations, Security, NATO policies and foreign policies of Greece, as well as in international websites, His articles are referenced. They hold an impact factor.

Recent comments, published articles and interviews are posted on CNN, Europesworld, the Atlantic Council of the USA, at NATO's (we-nato). His opinions are reflected at magazines such as Foreign Policy Magazine (May 2012) and Greek Media such as TV100 (local), ERT 3 (Nation-wide), SKAI (Nation-Wide) & Radio shows such as the NPR, Voice of America, BBC etc.


Extra Curricula:

Dr. Efthymiopoulos is listed in the Marquis Who is Who in the World and was recognized as a Distinguished Scientist by the Greek State. He is the Chief-Editor of the Online Journal co-sponsored by Strategy International and NATO titled: Journal of Southeastern European Security Strategy and Transatlantic Leadership (SESSTL). Dr. Efthymiopoulos is a board review member at the Journal of Research in World Economy in Canada by the Canadian Education Association and the NATO Maritime Interdiction Training Operation Center Journal, An editorial board member of the upcoming Journal on interdependencies in social sciences by the Universidade Catolica Portugesa and a review member of the International Conferences international on International information warfare in Reading UK.


Languages: English, French, Italian, Greek and Basic German and Russian (learning).


He is a member of the following:

Coordinating Committee of LSE alumni (Thessaloniki branch),

Organisation of Directors for National Defence.

Member of the Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies, Greek Association of the Atlantic and European Co-operation.

Member of the Alumnus of the Onassis Foundation Scholars Association, Rotary Anatolia (Rotary International, Thessaloniki),

Member of Make A Wish Greece.

Activities of interests:

He likes to travel, classical music, plays piano, trumpet, and likes Basketball, plays tennis.




Sardellis taxiarchisTaxiarchis Sardellis, Brigadier General (Rt)

General Director, Strategy International

Taxiarchis Sardellis is Strategy International's, new General Director of Strategy International (2013). His new appointment started from April 2013.

A retired (Rt) Brigadier General  of the Hellenic Armed Forces, was until March 2013, the Head of the International Relations Office of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense and prior to his last appointment the Defence Attaché of the Hellenic Republic Armed Forces located at the Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C USA. Colonel Sardellis has held many professional and military positions such as: Head Branch of Bilateral Cooperation, International Relations Directorate of the Ministry of Defence. Staff officer in the Office of the Inspector General of the Army, Liaison Officer of the Greek Army Staff to the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Ft. Monroe, Virginia, USA. He was also Staff Officer of Training and Exercises Department of the NATO Headquarters in Larisa, Greece. He commanded the 595 Air Assault Battalion of the 71st Airmobile Brigade. He was also Company Commander, Operations Officer and Deputy Commander (X.O) of an Infantry Battalion in Lesvos island, Greece and earlier as staff Officer in the Defence Planning and Procurement Directorate of the Army General Staff.


Colonel Sardellis has attended and conducted classes and multiple seminars on foreign and security Policies at Universities and Institutions such as Harvard, at NATO’s Defense College as well as Oberammergau at NATO School. A much awarded officer with honorable positions and medals for his national and international military and professional services, Coloner Sardellis graduated from the Hellenic Military Officers Academy, the War College of the Hellenic Republic and the NATO Defense College.

Colonel Sardellis speaks, English, Italian, French and basic Spanish.




FaridProfessor Farid Mirbagheri


Director Strategy International (Cyprus Branch)

Professor & Chair of Middle East Studies, University of Nicosia 


Professor SM Farid Mirbagheri, is a member of the Directorate of Strategy International since 2012. He is the Director General of Cyprus and the Middle East.

He received his BA and PhD in International Relations from Keele University, UK. He is currently Professor of International Relations at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, holder of the Dialogue Chair in Middle Eastern Studies (sponsored by the A. G. Leventis Foundation) in the same University and the executive director of the Diplomatic Academy in Cyprus (affiliated to the University of Nicosia). His writings among others cover the South East Mediterranean, the Midddle East, Cyprus, the United Nations as well as Islam. His latest book on War & Peace in Islam: A Critique of Islamic/ist Political Discoursesis out by Palgrave. Professor Mirbagheri is now also holding a position as the Director of Strategy International in Cyprus. 








smichailidouMs. Selini Michailidou

General Assistant to the CEO & Founder 


Ms. Michailidou is assisting the Directorate, the CEO and founder of Strategy International. She holds a mid-career Masters from the University of Kingston, on Hazards and Disaster Management. She holds an extensive experience in organization, administration and public outreach. She has a previous working experience with Technical Companies. She has also worked at the administration of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki in Greece. She is a Member of the YMCA of Thessaloniki and a volunteer at the Athens Special Olympics 2011. 

Ms. Michailidou speaks English.                                           













Ms. Polyxeni Kallini

Assistant to the CEO & General Director (Greece Branch)


Polyxeni Kallini completed her MA in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex (UK) and holds an undergraduate degree (Ptychion) in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia (Greece). She has previously interned at the Greek Embassy of Madrid, in the Political Office and the Consulate, and the UNESCO Chair of University of Macedonia. Her academic and research interests regard European migration and asylum policies; human rights issues of migrants and refugees; humanitarian aid; and irregular migration in a Greek context. She is currently working as an Italian teacher.


Polyxeni speaks Greek, English, Spanish, French and studies Arabic.









Kostas Papadopoulos

Assistant & Administrator to the Directorate
Strategy International

As an active member in political affairs, Kostas is finishing his first degree, at the department of International European Studies at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki Greece. His interests amongst others are focused on Global Economic Development, Political issues, Diplomacy and International Relations. He is an active member of the Students Association at University of Macedonia and takes part at many seminars on political, strategic and international affairs. 

Kostas, speaks Greek, English, German and French.







Efrosini LazarouLazarou Efrosyni



Executive Assistant, Public Relations/Communications Officer


Strategy International (Cyprus Branch)




Efrosyni joined Strategy International in 2013. She has recently finished her MA in Globalisation and Development at the University of Sheffield (with Distinction). She also holds a degree in Political Science and a minor degree in Gender Studies from the University of Cyprus (excellent). Her research interests include: political economy of globalisation, global politics of the environment and climate change, politics of development.



Speaks English (fluent), French (Basic) and German (Beginner).


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