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Το conduct primary and high level International quality, independent research. Τo provide innovative, practical and credible recommendations that advance the following goals:

  • Strengthen International and Global Cooperation in Strategic and International Affairs.
  • Foster Economic Development, Social Welfare.
  • Secure a Safe, Democratic, prosperous and cooperative international system.
  • Networking through Political & Business Communication & International Relations.

SI aims in the next decade to rank amongst leading global influential institutions with credible policy applications.

 “An Institution Where Ideas Are Born & Where Ideas Become Possible”

Dr. Marios P. Efthymiopoulos

President, Strategy International

Purpose, Scope and Expected Impact Factors


Strategy International’s Purpose is to promote constructive Greek Initiatives and Foreign and Security Leadership. The sole purpose is the engagement in a constructive way in international affairs, based on the central role and location of Thessaloniki in the heart of the Balkans and the Sea Side of the Aegean in the Southeastern side of Europe.

The scope is to meet the international challenges in the foreign and security strategies and politics of the 21st century. Strategy International embodies a Strategic Foreign Council. A non-partisan network of Professionals, Leaders, Negotiators and Strategists, who aim to bring ideas to power and to give power to ideas by:

- Enhancing and Stimulating Constructive Dialogue.

- Creating Initiatives.


- Develop and Create New Ideas.


- Examining Critical International Issues.


- To Enrich Public Local and International Debate.


- Promote Consensus on Appropriate Foreign Policy and Defense & Strategic Responses.


- Conducting Organizational, Governmental, Local and International Educational and Exchange Programs for the New Generations of Hellenic Leaders.


- Conduct Primary Academic Research.


- Conduct Primary Professional Research. 


- Consult on Strategy International's aims to create a diverse national and international network of experts, professionals and upcoming leaders.

- The Strategic Foreign Council builds broad constituencies to support constructive Greek Leadership and Policies.

Its Program Purpose is to publish informational analyses, convene conferences and workshops among current and/or future leaders, and contribute to the public debate in order to integrate the views of knowledgeable individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and experiences.


The Council’s work includes:

- Shaping responses and creating new practical initiatives in major issues facing the European Union the Transatlantic Relations, Strategic Regional and Local Concerns. 


- Building Consensus on Greek Policy concerns and issues towards also Russia, China, Asia and Oceanic States. 


- Promoting new and balanced responses and proposals to growing energy needs and environmental protection. 


- Creating and Using Technology and Innovation as methods in 21st century Politics. 


- Drafting roadmaps for Greek Foreign and Security Policy for the Balkans, Africa, North and South America, Middle East and the Mediterranean region.


Training, Engaging, and Educating Students from across the Euro-Atlantic area, the Mediterranean, in the processes of International and Peripheral Organizations, Strategies, International Politics and International Relations.