Basic Information


Strategy International is a Non for Profit Organisation, in service of Education, Political Consultation Proposals and Innovation. Strategy International has been created in 2008. In 2009, Strategy International under the national courts' instance of Thessaloniki has been recognised as a non-for profit institute devoted in education and innovation in political, international and strategic affairs in the Euro-Atlantic and global area.


Our work is dedicated to international awareness, public support and education via research and innovation.


Our goals are supported by International or national compagnies, international organizations, institutions.


To This day we have managed over a completed 4 year term more than 39 single or collective events across Greece, Europe and the USA. We look to thrive and open more centers of excellence and research across the European Region, the Middle East, The USA, Central and East Asia.


All of our donated and diretcly sponsored work is based on contributions, private, independent or public, upon the agreement of bipartisan and understandable concrete co-operation.


All our fiscal work is complying according to national and tax constitutional rules obeyed in Greece, a member country of the European Union.


They can be made available upon request by our CFO to the intended person to sponsor or donate to the event or events.


"If you believe that you wish and can be part of the success story of Strategy International, if you would like to join the board of trustees of SI, if you would like to donate and help us shape national and foreign policy proposals of innovative policy across Greece and the world, if you wish to get a tax exemption whether a private person or company, if you are attracted on sponsoring programs and or financing the creation of chairs of research in matters of joint concern and interests then please do please get in contact with us at: info@strategyinternational titled: sponsoring opportunity. Or contact direct our CEO here


Before you move on with the legal regulatory affairs,


Please find below our Wish List for 2012/2013-2020.


Wish List (to cover all Programs of SI for 2012-2020 -up to-)

Seminars, Monthly Programs of 2012 to 2020 (February): up to 35.000 Euros per annum.

Workshops, Open or closed sessions from Mid-2012 to Mid 2013: up to 45.000 Euros per annum.

Young Leaders Programs: internships/Young research/Training and field work: up to 105.000 Euros/Per annum.(includes 4 administration and 10 people young leaders involved) + programs & training. 

Individual Programs for Research on our sectors/Innovation technology/application/Presentation: up to 150.000 Euros/Per annum. (this includes the research director+3 reasearch people+1 assistant)

Creation of New individual Programs based on joined agreement: up to 200.000 Euros/Per annum.(it includes a research director+ 4 research people +2 assistants).

Nomination of Chair in individual programs for Professors/Military/Honorary Chair/Professionals/Company Chairs/ Government : Each 280.000 Euros (for the duration up to 5 years).

It includes, 2 assistants, 3 research people and the director and chair of the program.

Strategy International will, from all and each programs substract a 19% for general organization and administration costs and payments.

Strategy International everyday expenses (including Administration, invited guests, directorate, housing offices, financial controller and legal cover): 150.000 Euros per annum.

IT & Communication cover (per annum): 70.000 Euros

Strategy International expenses on hard copy publications of the Report/Series/Journal/Conference reports: 70.000 Euros Per annum.

Annual Dinner that will host a nominee for his work of excellence in political,academic,professional,corporate and or environmental affairs.  30.000 Euros per annum.


Long-term commitment

Programs for the Period of 10 years: 1.5 Million Euros. (Golden Chair, Silver Programs/ Annual Leaders Series).

Research Programs of concern: Invidividual programs will deduct a percentage of 25% that will go towards the expenses (administration, logistics and legal issues to strategy International. The rest will be provided to the Leading Research Director.

Strategy International established a Board of Trustees that will be advertised constnatly (Funders+Directorate+2 honorary positions).

Strategy International will deduct for general administrative and organizations costs a total of 19% from each long-term commitment. 


Legal Regulations/Incentives for Financing Strategy International

Strategy International as a non for profit. It is entitled to donation and direct sponsoring. We conduct, seminars, lecture series, conferences.

We hold and agree only with Chatam house rules.

We are an educational, consultational and of innovation research institute and center for negotiations and creation of new ideas and thought.

We research through primary and innovative programs and conduct annual security and strategy/economic, ecological and cultural conferences.

We publish research that is put forward and lobbying around companies and governments. We also keep the right to circulate it to international governments and organizations. 


Private Donation (s) and Sponsorship (s) Law:

The Latest Tax National Law (3842/2010 Number.1 Paragraph. 4ζ) involves exemption of taxation up to the 20% of the percentage for Personal donations by independent people. For donating money due to principal donations or sponsorship for social, educational and cultural affairs.

The qualifications that need to be taken in consideration are:

  1. The Overall amount of donation or sponsorship cannot exceed more than the 10% of the total amount taxed of the total of the person's income.
  2. The reduction is made when the amounts of donations and sponsorships are over 100Euros per year.
  3. The amounts of donations and sponsorshipspaid above 300Euros per year, need to be deposited to the Bank accounts of the non-Profit Organization.

The payment to the bank deposited must indicate all the details of the donor and donee. A full detailed amount of donation or sponsorship figures and in words, as well as the date and signature of the donor or sponsor.

(Strategy International will provide you with IBAN and Swift Accounts as well as all details of our accounts of our associated banks). 

For Bank Accounts and locations please contact us: 


Corporate Donation (s) or Direct Sponsorship (s) Law:

The Latest National Tax Law of (3842/2010 number.11 paragraph. 3β) states that companies that do donate to non-profits organizations that are of private law, are partially exempt from taxation on the same numbers that they provide up to the total of the 10% of the annual net costs of those companies or profits.

This applies also to companies that seek to pursue πουsocial, educational and cultural goals. For any other purposes the law of3235/2007 on sponsorship's rule and regulations applied and does not reflect donations.

The CFO of Strategy International will be providing all paper' evidence along with the bank copy statement for any donation or sponsorship upon request.



Other Options of Professional Co-operation.

An area of importance for some centers and institutions, is self funding of the speakers and researchers or professors.

We do accept people with their center's funds and or their own. As long as their work is associated with another center or would like to be directly associated with us with their own funds.

In any private case of donating money, Strategy International is required to attract 19% of the total amount attracted in research in Greece. This applies to co-operative and administrative salaries/research methods and all other office expenses.

Strategy International is a fascilitator. If professionals or individuals are obligated by rules to be self-funded and self sustained, all costs associated can be provided as evidence of expenditure of budget per person to the company/institute/organization/government.

Companies can also fund programs and or seminars only on an individual basis as sponsors. this will require no less than 2.500 Euros for all expenses, airtickets of invited guests, hotel and event costs and no more than 8.000 Euros. They are to be deposited to the accounts of the institute after a joined MoU agreement between the institute and the company wishing to sponsor.


Administrative letters for inviting guests and researchers:

Strategy International will provide all necessary legal required letters (any formal letters signed by the President, inviting the guest professor/professional/military, personally to join us for the their work/seminar/conference/closed session).

This letter however can only be provided for the justification of expenses for transport and stay allowances (Visa in Greece if outside of the EU), attendance and or any other stipend justification that is associated with the speakers' stay in Thessaloniki. All letters will be co-signed by the President and the CFO.


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